The annual Popularity Poll gives members of ADS a chance to vote on favorite daylilies in their region. This Poll is conducted annually with the hope that it represents the best-liked daylilies which perform well in a given Region. Daylily enthusiasts are then able to make the best daylily selections for purchase. The results for Region 12 are as follows: 



Dorothy and Toto (Herrington-K, 2003)

#2 (tie)

Mark’s Bouquet (Agosta, 2006)


#2 (tie)

Odd Man Out (Gregory-C.J. & V., 2011)

#3 (tie)

Elva White Grow (Smith-F., 1986)

#3 (tie)

Initial Inspiration (Lunsford-K., 2014)


1. Sebastian the Crab

2. Dorothy and Toto

3. Geneva Rockin Robin

4. (tie) Buddy’s Betsy

    (tie) Elva White Grow

    (tie) Mark’s Bouquet

    (tie) Maryzell


  1. Dorothy and Toto
  2. Elva White Grow
  3. Sebastian the Crab
  4. (tie) King Kahuna
    (tie) Mark’s Bouquet


1. Dorothy and Toto
2. Elva White Grow
3. God Save the Queen
4. Spacecoast Irish Illumination
5. Mark’s Bouquet
6. Firefly Frenzy
7. Spacecoast Gold Bonaza
8. Ten Gallon Hat
9. Across the Universe
10. American Freedom