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Love daylilies? We do, too!

At North Florida Daylily Society, our members collect daylilies from every color of the rainbow, in all shapes, small and large, ruffled and fringed.

Bob Reese Daylilies

Our Mission

The North Florida Daylily Society (NFDS) is an organization dedicated to promoting the cultivation, hybridization, and exhibition of daylilies. Its mission is to encourage and educate members and the public on the beauty, versatility, and value of daylilies as garden plants.

The NFDS aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of daylilies, including their history, breeding, genetics, and cultural requirements. It also seeks to foster friendship and communication among daylily enthusiasts and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

The Daylily Society promotes the use of daylilies in the landscape, encourages the development of new and improved daylily cultivars, sponsors shows and other events to showcase the beauty and diversity of daylilies.

About Our Daylily Society

The North Florida Daylily Society (NFDS) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the study, cultivation, and enjoyment of daylilies. NFDS was organized on November 30, 1974.

The society has since grown to include members from all over the region who share a passion for these beautiful plants.

The NFDS holds regular meetings and events throughout the year, including garden tours, plant sales, and educational seminars. Members also have the opportunity to participate in regional and national daylily shows and competitions.

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Daylilies of rich orange color in the garden. High quality photo.


The benefits of joining a local society under the American Daylily Society umbrella extend far beyond the pleasures of gardening. Membership allows you to explore a wide range of mutual interests with individuals from all over the world and across generations.

We hope you might find some inspiration here and decide to join us on a fun gardening journey as a member. Click the MEMBERSHIP button at the bottom if you are interested in learning more.

News & Events

Monthly meetings are usually held on the Second Sunday of each month beginning at 2:15 PM at the Orange Park, FL Library but refer to the NEWS & EVENTS page for the monthly schedule in detail.

Upcoming Events! Local News!

Stay up to date on The North Florida Daylily Society’s Upcoming Events, Meetings, and Local NFDS News as well as Regional and National Events.

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Membership Meeting
Nicholes Daylily Garden


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Members Photo NFDS 11298
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Field Trip
Wynns Daylily Garden
Field Trip

The NF Daylily society’s most valuable resource is its members, who often have a wealth of knowledge and experience in growing and hybridizing daylilies. Members can provide support, advice, and resources to other members, as well as help promote the society and its mission.

The NF Daylily society often hosts shows and events where members can exhibit their daylilies, learn from experts, and connect with other enthusiasts.

Browse a variety of valuable printed resources, information, and links.

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At the LOCAL level of the American Daylily Society, there are nine clubs in The State of Florida. The North Florida Daylily Society covers the northeast area of Florida and meets at the Orange Park, FL Library. 

At the REGIONAL level of the American Daylily Society, there are fifteen regions in the United States. The State of Florida is Region 12.

The NATIONAL association for daylilies in the United States is the American Daylily Society (ADS) which was formerly known as the American Hemerocallis Society. For more information, visit them here. Their online database of 89,000 daylily cultivars is very useful to daylily enthusiasts.

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